"You can't avoid it. There's no TiVo or ad-blocking software to protect you. You can't just turn the page to make it go away. It's everywhere. And that's our advantage."

Stall Talk, Inc. is the world's largest outdoor media seller specializing in advertising on portable restrooms at outdoor events and construction sites. Our ad network consists of more than 300,000 portable restrooms, servicing every outdoor event category across 84 markets in 27 states.

We help brands and agencies bridge the gap between Out-of-Home (OOH) and sponsorship, as well as experiential and mobile marketing efforts, by connecting the most common denominator of all outdoor events, portable restrooms.

Stall Talk, and our strategic network of high-profile events, venues and construction sites, delivers your campaign messages directly to hyper-local audiences in a way that captures their attention and will NOT be ignored.


We fuse OOH with sponsorship marketing to reach the greatest amount of people with maximum impact. This enhances brand awareness with a targeted audience to create emotional triggers. The outcome is fresh and innovative ideas that appeals to the masses in a targeted form with fashion.


The key to creating connections between a person and a Brand is to embed the Brand in contexts that generate strong emotional responses (of a Brand Experience) that resonates in terms of our personal needs and values.


Offer incentives to people standing in line for the restroom to convert impressions into prospects using our mobile marketing technologies. Build your mobile marketing database to follow up with responders automatically via SMS, direct-to-voicemail, and/or email.